Confessions of a Naughty Lady


I'm an 18 year old female and I am a horndog. I have the appearance of an innocent young lady, but deep inside... I love having sex. This tumblr is strictly for reblogging hot steamy photos, sensual fantasies, and ranting about how horny I truly am. I am a monster, but at least I try to stay classy and keep it to myself. Thanks to tumblr, I don't have to hide my inner desires yet still keep my identity hidden.
Sex Log #1I finally got what I wanted, twice actually. From the previous nights, I’m sure my followers know that I’ve been crazily wanted to get nailed. Well, I always get what I want… and it was amazing.My boyfriend ended up coming over an hour after my last blog. He told me to open the garage and I opened it in my lacy hot pink bra and silky zebra panties with the hot pink lace trimming. He wasn’t expecting what I was craving for, so when he saw me, I immediately saw the bulge growing within his pants. “I’m alone,” I whispered in his ear. I have never been so roughly handled before, so I knew he wanted it too. We kissed passionately and he squeezed my plump butt cheeks. He told me to wait upstairs for he needed to wash his hands, but I threw him on the couch and rubbed his crouch with my damp panties. I tackled his tongue with mine and sexily said, “Hurry, I don’t like to be kept waiting” and ran up the stairs. It didn’t take long for him to join me in the bedroom. As I was kneeling on the bed, he was rushing to take off his shirt and pants and continued to undress me hastily. I love when we’re both extremely horny, it just means that it’s going to be good sex. We continue to passionately kiss and he begins to go down on me. My pussy is so wet by this point that he moans a comment and it drives me crazy. I literally beg him to put the condom on so he can replace his tongue with his hard cock. He does what I say and his dick easily slips in for my pussy is dripping wet. He fucks me slow at first and I can’t help myself give out a little whimper. That’s his que to go faster and harder. As he fucks me, he bends over to suck on my tits and I feel like I’m already going to cum. “Fuck!” I scream, he knows I’m going to cum and he pulls out. He demands I turn over so he can fuck me from behind. As he pushes his dick in and out of my pussy, she slaps my ass hard and calls me his dirty slut. I love it when he gets all rough on me, it’s such a turn on. He moves his grip from my hips to my hair; my hair is now his reign, he pulls my hair as he fucks me and it feel so fucking good. I don’t get much stimulation from doggy style, so as he’s doing his job, I’m rubbing my sensitive clit with my right hand. I don’t take notice, but I guess he had already pulled out and was fingering me instead. It’s not long before I scream out that I’m going to cum. I end up cumming all over his fingers and I ask if I could taste myself. He shoves his fingers in my mouth and I taste my own sweet cum. He roughly turns me over and begins eating me out again. My pussy is still so sensitive from when I came, but that doesn’t stop him. After I cum a second him, he joins me on the bed.He then confesses that he had already came while doing me from behind and explained that’s why he started fingering me again. This happened all in the time span I didn’t even notice. I look down at his penis and the condom is filled with his sperm. As disappointed as I am, he tells me that it’s not his fault that my pussy feels so good. So, he goes to wash up and we just cuddle in bed naked. Though I came twice and he came once, I still didn’t feel satisfied. I used my puppy dog eyes and begged him to buy more condoms. He looked confused and I said, “I’m still horny and I wouldn’t mind a round two.” I have never seen the boy clean himself so fast and dress so fast and leave my house so fast… just to buy more condoms. Looks like he wanted a round two as well.Round two will be on a different post ;) 
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<98> I Want You So Fucking Badly Right Now - I want to pin you up against a wall and start kissing you passionately, I’ll grab your hand and place it on my hard dick letting you know how much I want you. You let out a moan and I start kissing your neck, biting you, kissing you down to your soft breasts, pulling off your shirt to give me a glimpse of those beauties. I graze the skin around your nipples lightly then I begin to suck on them, using one of my free hands to tease your pussy as I use the other to slide my hand into your underwear and realize that you are now soaking wet, I slide a finger in and out and your face lets me know that you’re enjoying it. We make our way to the bedroom, quickly undressing and you lay there before me, I crawl to your now quivering pussy as I lick it from top to bottom, flicking my tongue quickly over your clit. You want me, but I make you beg for it a bit, so I begin to tease your tight little hole with the head of my dick, slowly letting only the head in until you grab my hips and pull me deeper. Your tight pussy feels good on my thick cock as I slowly thrust into you, deeper and harder with each passing moment. I begin to pick up the pace and you start to shake. Your moans getting louder “Harder” you scream, and I comply. You cum and your body shakes involuntarily as I continue to thrust, I love your face when your cumming, it’s so fucking hot. I pull out and flip you over, giving your cute butt a firm spanking as I spread your dripping lips and shove my thick cock into your pussy,  grabbing your hips to help me move quickly back and forth. I start to thrust faster and deeper, I pull your hair back and begin to  bite your ear, I steal a kiss and whisper ”I love how tight you are.” and your moans fuel my intensity and begin to thrust deeper and quicker and we’re both about to cum and begin to shake your hips, which makes me go crazy and I pull you closer as I finally cum inside you, filling your tight little hole with my warm cum as I collapse beside you, both our bodies still shaking from the pleasure.

2:41 AM

I’m still horny as fuck, man. I’m resisting the urge to play with my tiny clit even though my underwear is already wet from just the anticipation of sex later today. I can’t wait. I have this problem where when I masturbate and cum that, I’m not turned on enough for sex later. Is that even normal? So I’m, I guess in a way, saving my climax for when I have a physical person laying me down rather than my own fingers inside me. This is crazy; I’ve been hungry for sex before, but I feel as if that I’m going through a withdrawl period: I NEED A COCK THRUSTING INSIDE ME RIGHT NOW.

I get turned on so much when I fantasize what’s going to happen when he comes over. I’m going to let him have his way with me today; I’m going to be his slave. I want him to call me his dirty slut or whore. I want him to spank my butt cheeks so that they turn cherry red. I want him to pull my hair and choke me as he fucks me from behind. I want him to shove my mouth down his large dick. I want him to punish me for thinking so dirty, for being so fucking horny lately. I want him inside me so bad.

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I can’t sleep.

Every once in a while, I won’t be able to sleep due to one simple reason: I’m horny as hell. Normally, the solution to this problem is to fantasize in my head getting nailed by the boyfriend and getting myself to cum sweet juice onto my own fingers. Easy peasy, but fingering myself isn’t cutting it tonight. I need to get laid. I need someone to touch me in a sensual way. I don’t want my own fingers in my wet pussy, I need his. I don’t want to imagine a hard cock fucking my naughty pussy, I need his. I normally get what I want, especially if I need it as bad as I want my boyfriend. If my mother has another day off due to whatever reasons causing me not to moan this said boyfriend’s name in his ear, then I will be pissy and bitchy the whole day. This is how horny I am. My pussy is so juicy right now and I haven’t even touched my clit; I need to get fucked. Hard.

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